ten things

  1. Cooked salmon and grilled chicken for the first time and loved every part of it!
  2. Including workout to my daily routines again. Last Sunday night was a wake up call that I need to watch I eat and be more active. 
  3. Some quality time w/ KH ♡
  4. Received three letters from three special people!
  5. Brunch at Cafe Medina and discovered a coffee place called East Van Roasters. I think almond milk latte is my new fave!
  6. Think' About You by Sam Kim & Loco  
  7. Cave Me In by Tablo x Eric x Gallant released the full version yesterday! 
  8. Mama's operation was a success and she was discharged from the hospital after two days! 
  9. Fridate at Midam Cafe and Chatime with Joy and Elcy ♡ 
  10. A fun Saturday night dancing with friends
MeCamille Puche