gentle monster: bathhouse


Gentle Monster is a South Korean luxury eye-wear brand that is known for having sleek showrooms as well as their eye-wear products. I first heard about this brand from Jenn Im of Clothes Encounter where she mentioned a few of her collections on Youtube.

Speaking of their designs, here are a few of their collections:

Cool, hey?!

On my second day in Seoul, I  unexpectedly found Gentle Monster's location in Bukchon Hanok Village. I knew there's one location in Bukchon but I had no clue where it is exactly. As I was starting my way into the village, I noticed a shiny bronze exterior on my right. At first I thought it was just some old shop that closed down since the exterior didn't fit the whole theme of traditional houses then I quickly remembered GM's unusual themes. Surprise! Surprise! My gut instincts was right! I was freaking out inside and instantly I knew I was not going to leave the store empty handed.

  This is a photo from the GM's website. This is how the outside look like.

This is a photo from the GM's website. This is how the outside look like.

Apparently this building used to be an old bathhouse back in the day - see that signage outside the store? No wonder the interior reminded me so much of a swimming pool! I wasn't able to snap a lot of photos because I was freaking out and didn't know if I should vlog or take photos. lol

It took me a pretty long time trying out their sunglasses. There were just too many to choose from! And because I was alone, there weren't anyone I can ask for opinions.

Another lesson learned: Trust your own taste, my dear friends. *wink*

After probably a good 15 minutes or maybe 30, I ended up purchasing these pair of Absente PD1 Gold. Love the purple nacre acetate on the front and the gold metal accent! <3

If you are visiting South Korea, try to check out their showrooms! Each stores have different themes so that's pretty cool to see. If you've been to one, which location did you go to? :)