clubeskimo + dean live

Last Thursday, on March 23, 2017, Club Eskimo held a concert and Dean was a part of it!!! No words can really describe how great that night was. There was even a moment during Dean's performance where I felt like I was so close to tearing up. Haha! I know it sound a little too shallow but I really felt it! *fangirl pa more*

What I like about this concert? I really admire these artists for their unique style and taste. It's different. Different from the usual Kpop scenes. Don't get me wrong... all of them are talented of course, but I think underrated artists need more spotlight... or people need to start listening to them. It was definitely an eye opener and a reminder that there are many many singers out there... not only in South Korea. 

We had a small interaction with Dean... I am not 100% sure if it was really just us but I am claiming it right now. :D After the encore, they came back and sang their last 1-2 songs. There was a part where he stood on our side (right side) and looked up. At that time Kaila and I were right behind the balcony because the fans that were originally there left already. Right after he looked up, Kaila waved at him and I gave him a heart. He returned it back to us!!! We both screamed and went crazy that none of us were able to film the entire thing! HAHA! Whatever. This memory will for sure be in our mind and heart. LOL ew fangirl pa more!!!

I am hopeful that Dean will come back. Next time, I am really going to make VIP happen! :D