Initially I was going to ask my friend if we could try the newly opened coffee shop called Nemesis. However, we decided to walk more and there we found Purebread on the other street. First impression, I thought it was just like a normal cafe but what caught my attention were those pastries displayed behind the window counter. I was freaking out inside because I love bread. I don't think I ever mentioned it before but I really do. Especially freshly made ones.... ugh those are the perfect kind. 

As much as I wanted to try everything, I opt for that option and only went for their spinach feta brioche. I like the fact that they use stumptown coffee and it somehow felt like I was in Portland. Although really... Portland and Vancouver's downtown is very similar in my opinion. Teehee. Anyhoo, with that I partnered it with just an americano - no sugar and no milk... proud of myself!

I will definitely come back and try more of their pastries. Perhaps I will bring some for the fam too. Mhmm!