head over heels

I can't explain it but I'm feeling so high and I just can't deny it. It's on you. I'm head over heels it seems so real. 

I've decided that I am going to start writing more about my dance experiences as I wanna have something to look back on. 

Today was my first time to take Jojo Zolina's Heels 1 (recommended by our friend, Sharon). Though I've danced with heels for sexy street intro classes before, I was a bit nervous for this class because this is a new class, it is a level higher and I heard there can be a lot of floor works - which I always find very challenging. 

The entire time I thought... I may look awkward, I may lose balance but whatever it takes just dance it all out, feel the music and try your best to be on time even if you have to improvise some steps. And and violaa~ it was not very clean as I wish it to be but not bad for the first time.

Ahh! Proud of myself for going for it and believe that I can do it. That floor step that I used to think was hard isn't as bad as I think it is. It was still challenging because you will have to exert more effort to help your entire body move but yeah! Overall I think it was a great class. Will slowly start taking heels whenever I can so that I can be more comfortable projecting and grooving in a more sexy way. 


MeCamille Puchedance