tako vancouver

Last Friday, I was initially craving for Damso's Korean bulgogi tacos but ended up checking out Tako instead. Tako is a Korean taco shop located right outside Stadium-Chinatown skytrain station. They serve food like tacos, bibimbap bowls, burritos and quesadillas. Side dishes are also available! They have chicken, fried sticky rice, fried dumplings and oh many many more! The best part? They're all made with the Korean flavour! Ahhh, you know mee... that's my kind of taste! 

Since 1 taco is a small size, I had the Seoul (deep fried chicken), Gangnam (bbq short ribs) and Jeju (spicy pork belly) Tacos. They were named after the popular or main cities in South Korea, thought it was very creative! Got to also try their spicy rice cake (ddeokbokki) and mhmmm it was good alright! 

I will definitely come back and try for more. :P